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A Common Man with a Common Purpose

Liam Leaver  was born in  Brooklyn, New York, served 7 years in the U.S. Army as an Air Defenseman and currently is serving as a SGT in the North Carolina National Guard. He joined the Army at 19 years old and his last duty station was in Camp Carroll, Korea. He met his fiancee in New Jersey and they moved their young family to Apex, North Carolina in September of 2017.

Let People Be Themselves

North Carolina represents the best of what we can be. it represents comfort, happiness and American values. I believe that the less interaction the government has on the free market the better the reaction of that market for the consumer.

As a libertarian candidate, I am running on a campaign of changing the government’s ability to take your home via eminent domain. I will fight for your rights as a consumer, an american and a North Carolinian. We deserve a government that represents the small business owner and the homeowner, not the government’s revenue. We all want a less intrusive government in our personal and professional lives and i am here to be the loudest voice for the fight. If sent I will defend our rights as prescribed in both our federal and state constitutions and our rights as free individuals.

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